William Street Psychology
Bachelor of Psychology
Masters of Psychology (Counselling)
Bronwyn's Interests
Separation / Divorce
Parenting / Step Parenting
About Bronwyn
Graduating in 2003, Bronwyn has been working as a psychologist in a variety of roles. For nearly a decade, she worked in the Government sector with adults with adjustment difficulties and mood problems. For the last few years, Bronwyn has been in both the not for profit sector and private practice assisting adults and teenagers with a wide variety of presenting issues. Drawing on practicality, analysis and skills training, Bronwyn assists clients to have a greater sense of self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Her preferred form of interventions include mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy and analysis of past and present family dynamics to provide clients with both an understanding of their problem and the skills to help manage the difficulties they face. She finds it can be beneficial to explore the existential or spiritual foundations that clients present with and incorporate these into the work. She is a warm and compassionate therapist who is slow to judge and focuses on gaining good understanding of the issue. She can help with mood issues, relationship difficulties, parenting, grief and loss and work stressors.